How Exactly The Gomez Law Firm Can Help You
February 14, 2013
What Will Your Personal Injury Attorney Accomplish for You?
March 5, 2013

gomez-law-firmThere are only few legal professionals like the Houston personal injury lawyer Jorge Gomez with outstanding features in his ability to accomplish the near-impossible legal cases. Jorge Gomez is the indisputable pioneer of personal injury litigation. Justice is on its way to your door step if you engage this efficient attorney. All affected parties are invited to seek help from the Gomez law firm. Apart from the fact that all victims of personal injury should and must be compensated, those accused of causing injury also have reason to seek legal advice. It is not uncommon for the accused to be boxed into a corner and forced to pay huge sums in compensation; even when the injuries were clearly accidental and sometimes the claims rated way higher than what is deserved. Defendants can also seek to be protected against exploitation by personal injury lawyer Jorge Gomez.

So What Are The Personal Injury Cases To Seek Compensation For?

The range of personal injuries eligible for compensation is wide. Some of the incidents may appear difficult to litigate but you cannot be sure until you speak to an expert. Feel free to seek help from an accomplished Houston personal injury attorney like Jorge Gomez. Injuries resulting from direct infliction from another person, motor vehicle accident injuries; whether caused directly or indirectly, injuries sustained at your place of work or even those that arise as a result of product defects are some of the many forms than can be presented for compensation. The simple disclaimer here is that one should not have deliberately set out to injure himself. Self inflicted injuries cannot be compensated. The injury you claim compensation for, must be as a result of an external cause such as by another person or negligence. If your claim falls within the defined parameters, be sure to seek legal advice and representation from the Houston personal injury lawyer with a rich experience and expertise in personal injury cases.

What Makes Gomez Law Firm Your Preferred Choice?

Well, this question can be answered after considering the approaches, techniques, strategies and most importantly: the achievement associated with this Houston personal injury law firm. The latter is fairly public knowledge. The accolades this lawyer has received are numerous and prestigious too. Many lawyers only live to envy some of the accolades this legal expert lays claim to. Jorge Gomez is a recommended attorney because he is able to get insurance companies to act fast; thanks to his broad network of friends and business associates around the city and beyond. He is different because he pursues a policy of maximum compensation for injured victims. Active and aggressive pursuit of justice for clients is an effective strategy that has been a handy approach for this Houston personal injury attorney. One of the hallmarks of our firm is objective and prudent consideration of each case. Our expert legal team ensures that you receive useful advice on whether to proceed with trial, settle in court, or even let the case go. The interest of the client is always our priority. But perhaps the most influential element of the success of this Houston personal injury lawyer Jorge Gomez is the ability of the firm’s legal personnel to work seamlessly with others that are useful in the pursuit of justice. The firm has a warm and remarkable working relationship with numerous entities which help to provide the needed information, and expedite the wheels of justice.

A Client Is Provided With Useful Information on Status and Nature of the Claim

The power of compassion and empathy can be used to set things right and set them straight. A good personal injury attorney should be able to put the effect the injury has on the victim into clear focus, and empathize with them. Only then a formidable claim can be made. A consideration of effects of the injury on the victim must be made. Some of the obvious effects of injury include the cost of treatment, detachment from family, associates and business networks. Income is often lost while one is forced keep away from their places of work. Some of these can be permanent effects because some injuries are permanent and cause disability.

Timely claims stand a better chance

Clients are advised to seek help for claims immediately after the incident occurred. This reaction has a two fold advantage to the client and the personal injury lawyer concern. On one hand, laying claim as soon as the injury has been sustained aides the investigators to establish the facts of the case. It is also harder for the defendant to cover their tracks because the investigation will be hot on their heels. Secondly, Texas law requires that victims place their claims within two years of sustaining the injury. This is important information to the public whether injured or not. To ensure that you have a chance to piece your life together again, make sure that you seek the help of a Houston personal injury attorney in good time. The chance of preserving evidence is enhanced when the case is instituted expeditiously.

A Demonstration of Compassion and Patience

There is no need to worry about the cost of legal representation. Apart from the fact that the initial consultation is done free of charge, the firm does not demand for settlement of outstanding fees until the case has been pushed through to the successful end. A verdict must be out before such settlement is demanded. This is a way of ensuring inclusive justice; even for those who do not have ready money to pay legal fees. You can seek details about our fees and legal arrangements from our site at We also have a team of highly trained legal experts to listen to you and provide legal advice on a range of issues. General questions of legal nature can also be answered through telephone conversation. At the Gomez Law Firm you will not be billed for legal consultation the first time you seek the advice.

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