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December 28, 2015
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March 4, 2016

Working on a construction site can inevitably be highly dangerous. Statistics indicate that thousands of construction workers are severely injured or killed due to various construction related accidents. If a worker is injured in a construction accident, he or she is eligible to receive compensation to help cover the costs of treatment as well as any other damages caused by the accident. Not all construction employees know the intricacies of the compensation system and this is one of reasons why we recommend getting in touch with a professional attorney immediately after your accident, especially if the injuries suffered are severe and finances are needed immediately to cover expenses . Gomez Law Firm is here to help you!

Most insurance companies will attempt to challenge the workers’ claims in an effort to reduce compensation to a minimum or nothing at all.  We believe it is important to let you know your legal rights and worker privileges. Even though you may be eligible for compensation, insurance companies or employers often investigate the matter on their own, trying to frame the worker as the negligent party that caused the accident. At Gomez Law Firm we will fight for your deserved justice if you were involved in a construction accident.

Jorge is an experienced lawyer who has successfully argued many construction related accident cases on behalf of the injured worker. Jorge will use specialists along with engineers to determine what the true cause of the accident was and who was negligent – it could be the employer, who was negligent in configuring the construction site, or the manufacturer, who created the tools and machinery on site. Whatever your case may be, the party that is responsible for the injury will be brought to justice and with the help of Gomez Law Firm compensate the client monetarily for the injuries sustained.

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