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Construction Accident Lawyer in Texas

Hire an Experienced and Aggressive Construction Accident Lawyer To Settle your Case?

Undoubtedly, working on a construction site is one of the most deadly jobs in America. Construction accidents are responsible for the deaths of thousands of workers every year, and the injuries suffered in these accidents can be horrific. The danger level of this occupation is so high that as much as one in five workplace fatalities in the U.S. are caused by construction accidents. Horrific injuries and fatalities occur when safety programs and engineers are guilty of negligence or simply absent when needed.

However, neither the cause of the injury nor the nature of it are taken into account when awarding the worker compensation if a worker doesn’t have an attorney. With an experienced and skilled Houston construction accident lawyer at your side while pursuing a compensation claim for injuries, your chances of being awarded a fair compensation are increased.

Know Your Rights

If you have suffered any of the above injuries, you need to know your rights and how to best protect them. An experienced attorney can give you that piece of mind knowing that all avenues are being investigated and pursued. The best chance of receiving a fair compensation is a first-party/third-party lawsuit depending on whether your employer is covered by workmen’s compensation. In order to sue for damages suffered while at work, you first need to seek out professional legal advice from a Houston construction accident lawyer. Gomez Law Firm has over fifteen years experience and thousands of cases litigated in the state of Texas as well as over 70 jury trials and arbitration hearings. Jorge L. Gomez of Gomez Law Firm can fight to get you the compensation you deserve as he is a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

What Are The Possible Benefits That Could Be Awarded?

An injured worker needs an attorney on his side to determine quickly what benefits he may be entitled to as a result of his workplace injury.  A personal injury attorney can also look into whether the employer may be held responsible and/or any third parties on site. It is possible to hold a third-party liable for injuries suffered due to their negligence and carelessness while on site. Generally, when a construction worker is injured on site, they are entitled to workers’ compensation, even when the accident is due to their own carelessness. This compensation will be awarded through periodic payments but in most cases, the compensation awarded through the workers’ compensation program is simply not enough to cover the expenses, not to mention the pain and suffering these injuries inflict.

Compared to the worker’s earnings prior to the injury, the compensation they receive while off work is paltry. As far as medical treatment expenses go, only those treatments deemed necessary by the insurance company are covered by the workers’ compensation act, leading to even more suffering both financially and mentally.

Gomez Law Firm Will Protect your Rights

If you or someone you know has been injured due to third-party negligence, then you are entitled to compensation and should immediately seek professional guidance. The sooner you act, the sooner the essential evidence can be gathered to show that the third-party in question is liable for your injuries. Gomez Law Firm has a wealth of experience in the personal injury field and has successfully won compensation for its clients for accidents suffered on construction sites in the past. Call our construction accident lawyer at Gomez Law Firm today and we will give you a free consultation. During the consultation all your fears can be put to rest as you realize just how much potential your case has in the hands of experienced legal professionals. Contract Gomez Law Firm today at (713) 868 5528 to start working towards the compensation you justly deserve.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

What Does Third Party Liability Mean To You?

Under certain circumstances, the liability for injuries suffered by construction workers in Houston can be assigned to a third-party. Third-parties constitute owners, contractors, architects and equipment manufacturers and all of these can be held liable for accidents arising from negligence on their part, due to insufficient safety measures. General contractors and subcontractors are also responsible for making sure the appropriate safety provisions are provided to keep the site reasonably safe.

It is their responsibility to:

Check all safety measures are adhered to
Coordinate and manage job safety
Hire workers who will exercise caution while working
Inform workers of any possible hazards on the site

The manufacturers of the construction equipment in use are sometimes at fault for injuries caused on construction sites as the equipment they provide may be defective in some cases.  When this happens, manufacturers can be held liable for the injuries a worker suffers.