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March 4, 2016

Detectives were recently hunting for a driver, who was involved in a hit and run incident. He left a motorcycle driver severely injured in the Houston area.

One of the news releases from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, the incident took place before ten thirty at night on Saturday. The crash occurred near the intersection of Lindale Street

In the release there was also mentioned that there was a male driver, who was driving an eighties Ford Mustang convertible. The color of the car was either charcoal gray or dark green. At the time of the incident Ford was making a right turn from the eastbound Lindale Street to Southbound Norwalk Boulevard.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the driver of the Mustang allegedly performed a “burn-out” when he was turning. He then went into the oncoming traffic after losing the control of the vehicle. This was when he hit the person, who was driving the motorcycle in the northbound lane on Norwalk Boulevard.

The release also mentioned that the motorcycle driver himself had suffered numerous severe injuries. These include internal injuries as well as some to his lower left leg.

It still remains unclear why the driver had decided to run from the scene of the incident. The vast majority of hit and run incidents are induced by pure fear of hitting a person and not having an idea of what to do next.

A car crash turned into an active homicide investigation

Right now the homicide detective at investigating the possible deliberate car crash incident. Because of the crash two innocent children were injured and their 46 year old father died. The vehicle they were all in had slammed straight into a parked big rig.

The crash happened off the southbound Freeway south of Templin Highway in the Grapevine area. It took place quite early in the morning, according to the Texas Highway Patrol.

Consequently, the father, Alan Dean Edwards as well as his two children, Erick Dean Edwards who was nine years old, and five year old Alona Marie Edwards have died in the crash. It was announced by the Harris County Coroner on Tuesday.

The Texas Highway Patrol has decided to turn the whole investigation to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department homicide Detectives. There are reasons to believe that the crash was no accident at all.

Lt. Hernandez states:

It was established that the driver had to make certain maneuvers in order to put himself directly in the path to collision course. In case he had fallen asleep, he would probably hit a fence.

In addition, the investigators have managed to find air bag sensors at the home of Alan Edwards and this means that Alan himself disabled the air bags prior to the crash. There were no evidence on the scene that Edwards tried to brake. Edwards as well as his soon to be ex-wife were going through a divorce as well as custody fight.

Edwards had picked up the children on Friday as a previously scheduled visit, but did not return the calls that their mother made over the weekend. She decided to file a missing person report on Sunday. The report states that the boy was in the passenger seat and the girl was in the back and neither of them had their seat belts on.

Statement from Sheriff’s Department:

Gathered evidence preliminary indicated that the adult male suspect collided with a parked tractor trailer deliberately at high speed and without attempting to stop, killing himself as well as the two victims in the vehicle.

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