How to go about Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit
March 28, 2013
When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?
April 23, 2013

This is a good question and is no doubt pondered by many while considering whether or not to press charges against those who have harmed them. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however, looking at it from the perspective of the petitioner – yes, a personal injury attorney is definitely worth the money.

Also bear in mind that most personal injury lawyers work on a contingent fee basis, meaning if they don’t get the right result at the end of the proceedings, they also don’t get paid.

This is why it ‘pays’ to hire a personal injury specialist. Let’s face it; most people simply can’t afford to pay for a ‘good’ attorney to fight for them in and out of court. Personal injury attorneys however, usually operate on a contingent fee basis, if they can’t successfully get the indemnification you deserve, they get nothing. So in other words, ‘you get what you pay for!’

Searching a top personal injury attorney in Houston allows you to hire an experienced and renowned attorney instead of paying less for a lesser attorney who might not get the results you desire. Right from the start, you pay nothing, all the while utilizing the expertise of an experienced and court hardened veteran personal injury attorney like Jorge L. Gomez of the Gomez Law Firm, with hundreds of cases under his belt over a ten year span.

What would you be required to do Without an Attorney?

Make no mistake about it; doing it alone is a daunting prospect as there is much work to be done, not to mention studying. In order to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit on your own it is imperative that you research, research, research!
Of course, there are success stories of people doing it alone and winning their case, receiving a fair settlement in the process, but the work they had to put in was substantial to say the least.
If you decide that you would rather proceed with your personal injury lawsuit alone, then you must be ready to do the following:

Gather necessary evidence – Evidence of the accident and how the injury occurred, along with proof of the injuries is essential to your case. Without these things there is no case. Therefore you must photograph the scene, your injuries, gather witness statements and collate this information to present to the defendant’s insurance company and lawyer.
Document all relevant occurrences since the accident – Keep a track of lost wages, hospital visits and documents.
Get in touch with the defendant and their insurance company – Without a personal injury attorney, you must inform the defendant and their insurance company that you intend to press charges yourself, and proceed with negotiations afterwards. Bear in mind that you will be facing an experience and skilled personal injury attorney fighting for the insurance company’s cause.
File all court documents – There is an awful lot of paperwork related to the claims process and in many cases, even after you have spent time to fill in all the forms your case may not even get to court.
Fight for your right in court – This is a really daunting part, and is why many plaintiffs choose to hire a personal injury attorney, rather than represent themselves. As you will be going up against a highly experienced personal injury expert in the form of an attorney, if your knowledge of the legal system is not up to scratch, that will be used against you. Therefore, in this case, it is crucial that you spend valuable time, researching previous cases, and learning the legal jargon necessary for communication within the courtroom. As mentioned earlier, it isn’t impossible, just extremely difficult.

Furthermore, hiring a personal injury attorney to fight your case for you means that you can continue with life while they do all the dirty work. You may not even have to show up in court as your personal injury attorney will be there on your behalf, fighting for you.

Rather than spend time doing all the above while dealing with the repercussions of your injury, you could hire a personal injury lawyer and:
Have your legal documents prepared and drafted for you.
Have your case investigated for you.
Given valuable legal advice that enables you to make informed choices.
Be represented in court by a professional who is taking the risk of not even being paid (That’s how confident they are of winning your case).

The Figures Speak for Themselves

In 2004, an organization funded by the insurance industry, called the ‘Insurance Research Council’ conducted an in-depth analysis of personal injury lawsuits and their results. The results clearly show that plaintiffs stand a much better chance of getting a larger settlement when represented by a personal injury lawyer. On average, injury victims who had a personal injury attorney on their side received 3.5 times more than those with similar injuries who had decided to represent themselves! When you factor in the average cost of a personal injury lawyer – generally around 35% of the settlement amount awarded that amount more than makes up for the costs involved.

Let’s look at this example:

Case One: A man is injured in a vehicle collision but decides to represent himself. He eventually receives a settlement of $10,000. This seems like a fair amount but it really isn’t, not when you factor in all the damages.

Let’s look at how that case should have turned out:

Case Two: The man chooses instead to hire a personal injury attorney. In the end he is awarded $35,000! Minus the cost of his personal injury attorney which at 35% equals $12,250, the man is left with $22,750. More than double what he could have won had he represented himself!

The Answer is a Resounding ‘Yes!’

If you or anyone you know has suffered an injury as a result of negligence by another person, the best chance you have of making a successful claim is to hire a personal injury attorney.

Not only will they save you from unnecessary stress, they will win you a much bigger settlement that easily covers the cost of their services.

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