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Thousands of car accidents take hundreds of thousands of human lives on a year to year basis. There are certain rules on the road that some people tend not to follow, due to a number of their very own reasons. And even if you know about the dangers of texting while driving or talking on the phone while sitting behind the wheel, chances are, you have no idea about how much of distraction wanting to pee can be on the road. Numerous scientific studies have already proven that needing to pee while driving can be even more distracting than most of the other factors combined. After all, whenever your bladder is full, there is nothing else you could think about. The pain and discomfort occupy your thoughts and you do not pay as much attention to the road in front of you. Indeed, this is not the kind of pain that you can just stop thinking about – it is consistent and you will not be able to bare it for too long.

In case you want to pee while driving, you are much more likely to make certain mistakes that may endanger your life as well as the lives of people around you. Some people speed up, neglect the traffic lights and are not thinking about the consequences, since their primary instinct is to empty their bladder as soon as it is possible. Hence, a lot of car accidents happen due to the simple fact that one of the drivers was way too busy thinking about peeing and did not pay enough attention to the road in front of him.

In case you are planning a long road trip and are going to drive for several hours without end, make sure to visit the restroom first. Even if you do not want to pee at the time, do not hesitate to do so in order to avoid any inconvenience on the road. In addition, try and not to drink a lot of coffee or soda while you are driving. This will make you want to pee even more and you will be forced to face the consequences. Finally, make sure to make short stops at the gas stations or convenience stores and do not forget to use the bathroom while you are at it. Even though it may sound ridiculous, using the bathroom at the right time may literally save your life and the lives of other drivers around you.

If you were in a car accident and you have actual reasons to believe that the driver that hit you was too busy thinking about emptying his bladder, do not hesitate to get in touch with a qualified attorney at the earliest opportunity. After all, you have the right to demand compensation for any kind of damages and you will be correct, since one should not be distracted by such factors as wanting to pee on the road. Be mindful and cautious at all time.

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