Commercial Vehicle Rollover

The majority of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) are manufactured with a high center of gravity, so it is difficult to maneuver and may result in a rollover accident. This design error may put entire families in danger of being seriously injured to say the least. The Sport Utility Vehicles are in fact responsible for the majority of rollover accidents all over the nation, resulting in fatal crashes. If you would like to find out more about rollover accidents and their consequences, please continue reading the article.

Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Any car accident usually results in injuries and traumas. However, rollover accidents can result in fatal injuries more often than not. Although the percentage of rollover crashes throughout the nation is relatively low, the majority of fatal outcomes take place during such accidents. If you or your loved ones were injured or traumatized due to a rollover accident, it is very important not to waste any time and to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced attorney so as to determine if you could file a claim against the car manufacturer for compensation.

Due to the rise in popularity of SUVs all over the nation, the litigation over these vehicles’ rollovers has been through a boost as well. The sport utility vehicle are much more susceptible to rollovers than the smaller cars. The center of gravity in SUVs is much higher than in passenger vehicles, so it is much more difficult to steer the vehicle in extreme situations. The SUV rollovers are not only more common than such of the smaller car; they are also much deadlier, since they produce two times more fatalities. In fact, SUVs take part in the higher percentage of single vehicle crashes than the smaller cars.

Vehicle Rollover Elements

If you or your loved ones were in a car accident, chances are, you are facing devastating medical consequences. Consulting a legal representative may assist you establish your legal alternatives.

If a vehicle has all its tires on a smooth surface and then performs a sudden avoidance maneuver, it must simply slide and slow down. In a rollover accident, the vehicle’s center of gravity and the force it goes through due to sharp turns makes it trip over. The faster the vehicle is going, the higher is the risk of rolling over.

Seat Belt Failure And Roof Crush

If a vehicle rolls over, it may cause serious traumas or even fatalities. The people in the vehicle are twice as likely to die in this kind of accident if the vehicle rolls over. Some of the injuries are due to the defects in vehicle design. In some cases, the vehicle should not have rolled over to begin with. However, in other cases, the vehicle’s ability to withstand the crash might have been insufficient. If you or your loved ones were in such an accident, contact us today without hesitation.

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