Under Ride Collision

Under-rides are defined as collisions that result when a passenger vehicle crashes into a truck with a trailer and the passenger vehicle drives under the trailer. This type of collisions is fatal in the vast majority of cases. People rarely survive this kind of accident and if they do, they are heavily injured and traumatized for life. It is not so difficult to picture a small car crashing into a huge and heavy commercial truck and the consequences of such a collision.

Getting Proper Compensation For Damages

Seeing that in different cases of under-rode collision the fault may be of the truck drive or the passenger vehicle driver, it is very important to have a qualified as well as genuinely experienced legal representative, who would know how to handle such case and would help you get the compensation you deserve. This type of accidents are incredibly time sensitive and you will need to act quickly. The lawyer will need to go through your case and to thoroughly analyze all the evidence, including police reports, witness statements, medical records. The lawyer may even recreate the scene of the accident in order to get a clearer picture.

Under-Ride Traumas, Injuries And Fatalities

During this kind of accidents, fatal outcomes are very common, so families are left without their loved ones and grieve their loss. The financial, psychological and emotional damages from losing a loved one to such a tragic accident may be absolutely devastating. The grieving family should not be forced to cover all the losses and arrange the funeral using their own money. However, in order to get the compensation you deserve, you will first need to find a good lawyer, who will have the skills, expertise as well as knowledge that will allow you to succeed and to get what you need.

Most Common Under-Ride Collision Categories

The under-ride collisions are generally divided into two different categories:

  • Side under-ride collisions: these take place when a truck driver does not see the passenger vehicle and proceeds to change lane, thereby, trapping the car under the trailer. This type of accident is fatal in most cases, since the passenger car is sliced in half from the impact with the large truck.
  • Rear under-ride collisions: in this type of accident happens when a driver of a passenger vehicle drives under the rear of the truck with a trailer. This type of accidents might be caused by the lack of proper illumination; dirty taillights or broken emergency flashers often cause the tragedy. The collision is often fatal, since the car is literally sliced in half due to the impact with the truck.

If you or your loved ones lost a family member to the under-ride accident, it is very important to get in touch with a good lawyer in order to get the compensation you deserve.

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