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April 8, 2013
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April 28, 2013

Personal injury attorneys are an invaluable asset to have available when you find yourself suffering from injuries as a result of the negligence of someone else. If you have been involved in an incident which has caused you suffering or loss in any of a number of ways, you are entitled to compensation to recover at least some of the cost incurred as a result of the injuries you have suffered.

During such a process, hiring a personal injury attorney will greatly increase your chances of receiving more favorable payment package. In most cases, the other party is represented by their insurance company, who will do their utmost to ensure you receive as little in damages payments as possible. These insurance companies are experienced in these matters and as a result, will stop at nothing in order to seek a more favorable outcome for themselves and their client.

These insurance companies will be thorough in their examination of the case and its details; therefore, it is imperative that you do two things before approaching them. These are:

Have your injuries evaluated by a doctor to determine the extent of the damage. In some cases, the severity of the injuries is not apparent until much later; therefore consult a doctor who can advise you on the long term ill effects of your injuries. The insurance adjustor will be looking for any signs that you are not seriously hurt or injured and if you have the necessary medical records to back you up, they will fail in this regard.

Contact a personal injury attorney who will ensure that the key evidence and records, photographs etc is gathered and kept for use to build your case against the other party. On your own, this aspect of the process can be an intricate one as there are many details that need to be considered – an experienced personal injury attorney can take care of this for you.

Be Wary of Insurance Companies

As soon as they can, the other party’s insurance company will be in touch and wish to setup a meeting with you, in which they will ask you a series of questions about the incident and your involvement. This may seem, to the inexperienced, to be an innocent and necessary process but rest assured, the insurance adjustor handling the case will use every trick in the book to get you to say something that will harm your chances of receiving a fair settlement. In many cases, insurance companies pressure the victim into giving a recorded statement as soon after the accident as possible. This is not advisable, nor is it a requirement in 95% of cases.

This is just another reason why hiring an experienced personal injury attorney like Jorge L. Gomez is advisable as soon after the accident as possible. Under no circumstances should you speak to anyone about the accident and your involvement in it if you are unsure of anything, before you hire a personal injury attorney.

Statistics are on Your Side

A further telling reason why it is of great importance to your case is that when a personal injury case goes to court, statistics say that in general, juries favor the plaintiff. This means that insurance companies will attempt to convince you as early as possible to accept an offered settlement. However, if you are doing it alone, you may be forced into accepting an unfair settlement without realizing it. To avoid this and to substantially increase your chances of being awarded damages that reflect the loss you have suffered, hire a personal injury attorney. Having a personal injury attorney by your side will show the insurance company that you mean business and should the case go to court, you stand a good chance of winning as you have legal representation.

As a result, the insurance company is more likely to offer you a fair settlement, as early as possible. A personal injury attorney can negotiate the settlement for you and ensure it is appropriate for your circumstances.

What Kind of Circumstances Should I Seek Damages For?

Personal injury issues generally fall into several categories:

Slip and falls
Nursing home failure of care
Medical malpractice
Wrongful death

These are the major areas that generally qualify as personal injury cases and reasons for seeking damages. There are also a number of circumstances in which you should hire a personal injury attorney to represent you while seeking damages.

Some of these are:

You suffer injuries as a result of negligence by a medical practitioner or physician.
You have suffered injuries that could require surgery or treatment over a long period of time, which will obviously be a drain on time and money.
Your injuries have resulted in a considerable lay-off from work which has resulted in loss of wages.
You have suffered brain damage as a result of a head injury received in the accident.
You injure yourself at work.
Your property has suffered damage and needs to be repaired or partly replaced.
An already existing medical condition has been worsened by the accident.

In any of the above cases, a personal injury attorney can ensure that you are sufficiently compensated for the losses and damages you suffer as a result of an accident. If you are unsure of how to proceed, contact an experienced Houston personal injury attorney in your area and seek consultation with them. They will be honest with you and tell you straight if they think your case does not require a lawyer or if it won’t stand up in court.

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