Will The Cruise Industry Be Able To Respond To The Ebola Threat?

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July 15, 2015
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Even though we all live in an age of progressive technologies as well as various innovative solutions, we are still unable to deal with some of the arising threats instantaneously. This is especially true when it comes to some diseases and illnesses that mutate and evolve into genuine threats that can endanger our society’s health and well being.

The most recent disease that caused a lot of trouble and panic is without any doubts Ebola – a deadly virus that originated from Africa and have managed to travel all over the world. Indeed, there were known cases of Ebola in Europe, in the East and even on US soil. Sure enough, the virus is most dangerous among a large group of individuals, since it can spread and infect a huge number of people that way. This is why the airports all over the nation are now checking every single passenger, who arrives from contaminated zones and in case of the slightest suspicion place the individuals under strict quarantine. Still, what about the cruise industry? As we know, some cruise ships can carry several thousands of passengers. This is a perfect spot for the virus to spread quickly, since people are all located in confined spaces and are susceptible to contamination.

There is a known case when an individual, who was examining the Ebola virus in a laboratory, was placed under a strict quarantine, when the vessel’s crew found out about his most recent occupation. Thankfully, there was no initial signs of the virus found. The vessel had about 4000 people aboard and it would have been a genuine tragedy if the virus would have spread among them. Therefore, due to the above-mentioned situation, the cruise lines will need to think of enhancing their security and protecting their vessels against such threats as Ebola. Of course, it is much easier said than done, since the number of people who can travel using cruise vessels is extremely high, but it is very important to handle this matter so as to avoid any tragic consequences.

Of course, Ebola is not the first deadly virus that have managed to find its way on the national soil. One way or the other, the cure will be developed soon enough, but more strict rules should apply for the cruise lines and their passengers in order to avoid panic and unpleasant consequences. The cruise lines will need to protect both the passengers and the crew. The cruise corporations are obliged to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew alike. Situations like the above-mentioned should be avoided at all cost, when the lives of thousands of people and their loved ones are at risk.

It is important to understand that the safety of people comes first and profits must not cloud the company’s judgment, especially when such a dangerous virus is still threatening the society.

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