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June 26, 2015
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July 15, 2015

In case you are a fan of 90s rap, you surely know a very popular song “Black in America” performed by the famous MC Supreme – a great rapper, whose skills and talents were easily compared with Snoop Dog, 50 cents and other great performers. Unfortunately, on Saturday, June 13, MC Supreme, whose real name was Dewayne Lawrence Coleman, was killed in a car accident that occurred along a stretch of the Pacific Coast highway, Malibu, California.

Mr. Coleman was inside the vehicle that he parked along with a female passenger. They were suddenly hit by a pickup truck. The truck was driven by 34 years old Philip Torres II. The impact was so strong that it moved the vehicle further, hitting another car with two other passengers inside and then onto the embankment. Mr. Coleman, who was only 47 years old, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. His female passenger was hospitalized with severe injuries. Passengers in the second car that was hit in the accident were uninjured. Philip Torres II was arrested by the law enforcement officers. He is suspected in driving under the influence as well as vehicular manslaughter. In turn, he sustained only several minor injuries.

After the accident, the family of the deceased Mr. Coleman filed a wrongful death legal lawsuit. Bobby Saadian – an experienced attorney, who had the following to say about the accident: “It is a sad and difficult time for every family, following the death of a loved one. Mr. Coleman was deeply loved by his family, a family who are now devastated by his passing. It is not an easy thing that they are going through, but I am glad that we, myself and my firm, can be there for them as we pursue justice in this unjust circumstance.”

As for the case, the lawyer stated: “Our firm will do everything we can to hold Mr. Torres accountable for his negligent actions. Further, we will also be holding local and state officials for their failure to reasonably address the unsafe conditions of the roadway where the accident took place. This stretch of highway is notoriously dangerous and was a contributing factor to the fatal outcome of the crash.” Speaking of the roadway, the simple fact is that this stretch of road has needed fixing for years. The city knows this, and has failed to address it. Mr. Coleman’s death is a true tragedy for his family and all his fans worldwide. He was a truly talented individual, who had a great career back in the 90s and who was devoted to his fans with all his heart. The car accident took the life of a skillful as well as truly amazing individual and great performer and the nation will mourn this loss.

The person responsible – Mr. Torres will be held responsible for the death of MC Supreme as well as for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. He will also be held accountable for vehicular manslaughter. Hopefully, the state’s officials will also admit their wrongdoing and will do something about that dangerous part of the road at the earliest opportunity.

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