Car Accident information you need to obtain.

Our Car Accident Lawyer at Gomez Law Firm will go over all the Car Accident Information you need to know.

First of all, it is crucial to notify the authorities. Even though other driver, who caused the accident, may want to settle the matter privately, one must always keep in mind that this very driver may well change his opinion after discussing some terms with his or her insurance company. On the other hand, a law enforcement office at the scene will be able to write down a report, which will help you in court.

At times, the police needs some time to get to the scene. Hence, you may want to take the necessary steps and compile a sort of report on your own. This will be very helpful evidence that will prove your right for the compensation. Make sure to include the following data in your car accident report:

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– Driver’s name, telephone and address
– Driver’s license number
– License plate of the vehicle that caused the accident
– Contact information (name, address, telephone) of any witnesses that were present on the scene
– Take pictures of the cars before they are removed from the scene of the crash
– Take pictures of any damage of your car and the other car as well
– Record anything the other driver has to say that will indicate his guilt

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At times, people are injured in the accident and are unable to do any of the above-mentioned actions. Yet, it does not mean that the law enforcement officers will not do their best in investigating the matter. It is also important to ask the officer to write down any names and contact information of any witnesses, who saw the crash to begin with. After all, they could provide you with some valuable facts. Usually the law enforcement do not write down those names, so it is best to remind them.

In the end, all the data that you or the police officers compiled, will be of great use for your attorney, who will utilize it in order to prove that you are the victim of the situation and you deserve the rightful compensation. Therefore, if you were not injured in the wreck, do not hesitate to make your best in order to get all the information you can.

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