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Many personal injury cases that were filed in line with the product liability law are often based on product design defects. Products that were defectively designed create numerous accidents, in which people are injured or even killed, on a yearly basis. At times, cases receive a lot of attention from the mass media, especially when it comes to auto parts design defects. Brakes, air bags and tires that are defectively designed can be incredibly dangerous. However, nearly any kind of defectively designed product my cause unpleasant consequences. This is why it is important to hold the manufacturer responsible.

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Design Defect Claim

The law has certain requirements and standards when it comes to filing design defect claims:

• An alternative design was safer than the one used for the end item
• Design defect resulted in injury or death
• Alternative design could prevent the injury or death
• Alternative design could be financially as well as technologically feasible

Various federal requirements and regulations also apply depending on the case. All manufacturers must comply with these requirements when designing their products. In case they fail to adhere to the rules, they will be held responsible and will be obliged to compensate the victims. If you want to hold the designer liable for their mistakes, it is crucial to work with an experienced attorney who will gather enough evidence pointing at the designer’s errors.

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Trying to file a product design defect claim is a difficult task indeed. In case you wish to get positive results, you will need to gathered enough evidence that would aid you in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Furthermore, big companies will do everything they can to prevent you from succeeding and this is also why you will need a team of legal experts beside you. If you want to get your financial compensation and above everything else wish to hold the company responsible for its errors, do not hesitate to contact a team of legal experts at the earliest opportunity. This is your only way to succeed in court and to deliver justice.

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