General types of the back injuries

  • Slipped Discs
    The soft buffer between the vertebrae are the discs. Spondylolisthesis (slipped discs) are a very common trauma amongst workers, who spend most of their time in front of the computer and the workers, who deal with lifting. Through the circle of connective tissue the disc may bulge towards the spinal cord, which causes harsh pain and great discomfort. Sudden movements or any accidents may result in this injury.
  • Herniated Disk
    When a disc is ruptured, a portion of the spinal disc may push outward. Nerves may be pinched, which will cause great pain while moving. The condition may take a very long time to heal and one will need to spend plenty of time in bed and go through specialized procedures, depending on how severe the condition really is.
  • Lumbar Strain
    If ligaments tear or detach causing a tremendous amount of pain and immobility for a long period of time, a twisting injury occurs. The condition may require a lot of time to heal and may also require surgical intervention.
  • Sciatica
    An injury of the lower back that also affects the sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. A sciatic nerve trauma may result in temporary paralysis or even loss of use of legs and will require intensive physical recovery.
  • Broken Bones
    Broken back is a broken vertebrae. The healing process for this problem is very painful as well as uncomfortable, since the person will be required to wear a special back brace and will need to spend all the time in bed. Healthcare professionals will also recommend that the person should avoid any traumatizing activities for the rest of his or her life.

The attorney will seek compensation on your back injuries for:

  • Medical costs – Fees, hospital, emergency room.
  • Ongoing medical costs – Speech therapy, physical and mental therapy, pharmaceuticals.
  • Loss of income – Lost income and any potential wages.
  • Pain and suffering – Compensation for general and special damages.
  • Lost quality of life – Resulting from a permanent personal injury or any other factors.

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