Steps you need to take in reporting car accident in Houston, TX

According to the official statistical data, more and more car accidents happen in Houston, TX on a year to year basis. This disturbing tendency may be explained by a number of factors, such as an increase in the numbers of vehicles on the streets of the city, lack of driving discipline in many cases, driving under the influence, simple disregard or negligence and so on.

Some car owners, who were in a car accident, prefer to avoid notifying the authorities first hand and often decide to resolve the matter in private. However, at times, such trust into the actual people, who were at fault, can turn against the victim of the accidents. In fact, a lot of drivers, who looked like they were genuinely sorry for the accident that they have caused and promised to resolve the issue within the very least amount of time possible, drastically change their point of view after talking to their insurance company’s representatives. They subsequently begin to claim that the other driver was at fault and refuse to pay any compensation for the damages.

Let The Police Know About Your Car Accident

If you wish to steer clear from situation like this and would like to settle the entire matter properly, in accordance with the law, you will need to call the police to the scene of the accident at the earliest opportunity. To begin with, you may call 911 for car accidents and a police officer will be deployed to the scene. Upon his arrival, he will first investigate the scene, make conclusion and write them down in his accident report. This report will contain the officer’s opinion the matter and his point of view on who is to blame. Despite the fact that some points of this report may be viewed as purely subjective in the court of law, the overall impact of the accident report simply cannot be overestimated. It can be of great help the insurance company in settling all the financial issues properly.

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You can also use another non emergency number (713) 884-3131, which is for Houston Police Department. Keep in mind that a law enforcement’s officer report can be very useful, especially if the person, who actually caused the accident in the first place, will suddenly decide to change his or her point of view. All the car accidents reports are handled by the Texas Department of Transportation. The law enforcement officers, who investigate such accidents, are obliged to write a report in case of injuries, death or property damage that is more than $1000. The report will be delivered to the Texas Department of Transportation within 10 days after the accident took place.

In case you need to get the report for your personal purposes, you will need to go to the Texas Department of Transportation web site and get it online. Be prepared to provide some basic information, such as names of the parties involved as well as date and location of the accident. The copy will cost you from 6 to 8 dollars.

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