Head Injuries

Head traumas and head injuries are very common when it comes to work related accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and car wrecks. These types of injuries are very serious and must not be taken lightly, since it may seem like a simple bump at first, but may evolve into a very dangerous and even life-threatening brain trauma, if not addresses properly and on time. If you or your loved ones have experienced a head trauma and are now seeking proper compensation for all the damage, do not hesitate to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced attorney at the earliest opportunity.

Types of head injuries and traumas

  • Concussion
    Unconsciousness of any kind that occurs after a head injury is characterized as a concussion. In recent years, researchers have managed to come to a conclusion that concussions actually lead to long-term consequences that may include behavioral issues in children, memory issues as well as ongoing cognitive consequences.
  • Simple fracture
    In some cases, these can easily be misdiagnosed and referred to as simple concussion. In fact, it is a break in the bone without any visible damage to the skin.
  • Linear skull fracture
    Represents a break in the cranial bone that resembles a thin line, without depression, distortion or splintering of the bone.
  • Depressed skull fracture
    This is a blunt force fracture that results in a depression of the bone inwards toward the brain that is largely accompanied by splintering. The likelihood of a brain injury is incredibly high.
  • Compound fracture
    This skull fracture involves splintering along a large laceration of the skin. The likelihood of a brain injury here is also very high.
  • Basal skull fractures
    Fracture at the base of the skull around the ear, near the spine, the eyes and the nasal cavity. The issue may lead to some severe problems, which may include blindness, deafness and even paralysis.
  • Hemorrhage
    Small cut or a laceration that will cause the brain to bleed. In case of a closed brain injury, the blood will seep slowly, building up pressure in the skull and potentially leading to a lethal outcome.

General symptoms of a serious head injury

  • Fogginess or confusion
  •  “Seeing stars” or dizziness
  • General fatigue
  • Increased pressure or headache
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Slurred speech
  • Permanent or temporary amnesia

The attorney will seek compensation on your skull or head injuries for:

  • Medical costs – Fees, hospital, emergency room.
  • Ongoing medical costs – Speech therapy, physical and mental therapy, pharmaceuticals.
  • Loss of income – Lost income and any potential wages.
  • Pain and suffering – Compensation for general and special damages.
  • Lost quality of life – Resulting from a permanent personal injury or any other factors.

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