Shipyard Accidents

Employees of numerous shipyards are usually working at large river waterways and major harbors, where they are occupied with ship repairs, vessel maintenance as well as ship building. In accordance with the official statistical data that was presented by OSHA, it appears that working at a shipyard is extremely dangerous. In fact the rate of injuries and accidents is far greater than that of general industry work as well as construction works.

If a third party vessel owner and not the employer failed to provide the vessel in a reasonably safe condition to do the ship yard works, due to negligence or disregard, the vessel owner can be sued by the shipyard workers in line with the LHWCA – the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Any company aside from your employer (any third party contractor) can be held responsible to the shipyard employers for any injuries and damages that were induced due to poorly maintained vehicles, equipment of machinery that was supplied by these contractors, risky conditions of their work or their negligent workers. If the owner or the administrator of the shipyard is not your employer, he can be held liable for risky conditions that may include trip and fall hazards, exposure to toxic products or dangerous chemicals as well as overcrowding.

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If you were injured in a shipyard, dock or pier accident, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified as well as experienced attorney in order to get the compensation you deserve in full as well as without any complications. A good attorney will always be able to prove that the liable party is actually responsible for the injuries and therefore is obliged to pay for any damage you have taken, all the medical bills and any additional expenses.

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