Trench Accident

Trench Accidents And How Should Handle Them

When it comes to trenching operations and industrial underground works, it is very important to plan every single detail of the process so as to avoid any kind of accidents, which may injure or kill the workers. Some workers are required to operate underground, in very deep holes, when laying the pipes and deal with all the telecommunications. All the trenches have to be reinforced and stepped in order to avoid cave-ins. The shoring systems that will reinforce the trenches should also be placed with great care so as to avoid any injuries.

Whenever working inside the trenches, the workers must also proceed with great care, especially when laying large sewer pipes. The workers will need to use tag lines and numerous other precautions that will protect them from any kind of accident. Exit and entry points of the trenches are also very dangerous and could present a fall in hazard. They often exceed 20 feet and the fall may well be lethal for the workers, who are not careful enough.

Trench works often require various equipment, including heavy machinery. These large machines can also represent a danger to the workers. This is why it is important to have flagmen and traffic controllers, who would navigate the machines properly. Every single worker who may have been injured during the trenching operations, is eligible for the worker’s compensation that should cover the cost of treatment and any other damages. Even though most trench accidents are caused by natural factors, some incidents were triggered by the negligence of the employers or the manufacturers of the machinery and all the equipment.

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The insurance companies always do their best in order to reduce the rightful compensation and this is one of the main reasons why it is incredibly important to have a qualified as well as experienced attorney by your side in order to defend your legal rights by any means necessary. That is right – only a good lawyer will be capable of obtaining enough evidence to prove that you were a victim of the accident and to hold the party that is responsible for this accident to justice.

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