Cruise Ship Accidents

If a passenger of a cruise vessel is injured, the legal regulation that will apply to the injury claim will likely be related to the General Maritime Law of the United States. The law will apply in case the ship was operated by the large cruise lines of USA, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Cunard Line, Crystal Cruises, Princess Cruise Lines and the majority of other lines that are familiar to just about everyone.

In most cases, the injuries and accidents are caused by the negligence. For instance, slippery deck, falling hazards or badly marked tripping. Sadly, all of these negligent actions are quite common for the most cruise lines.

The General Maritime Law of the United States will protect the passengers of the cruise ships, regardless of where in the world their injuries have occurred. Furthermore, foreigners aboard of these ships also have the very same legal rights as the USA citizens. However, there are certain limitation that one must know about.

Limitation of time

The most important as well as critical limitations is related to the fact that the Cruise Line can shorten the time period you have to make your claim and can also limit the place in which you could file your claim. Nearly every single cruise line will need the injured passenger to provide it with the special notice of claim within six months as well as file the actual suit within a year from when the injury took place.

Limitation of venue

Your passage ticket can limit the location, in which you could file your claim. The majority of cruise lines mention Miami or Los Angeles; however others specify additional cities and locations.

The venue as well as time limitations on filing your claim have to be mentioned clearly in your ticket and you will have to check with it in order to learn what limitations apply. In case you need additional information, a qualified as well as experienced attorney will gladly answer all of your questions, so do not hesitate to hire one at the earliest opportunity.

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