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There are two main categories of explosions – subsonic explosions that react through deflagration – a slow burning process and supersonic explosions, which travel through shock waves and are largely created via explosives. People, who work on constructions sites, oil rigs and other industrial facilities, are under a higher risk of being injured or even killed in an explosion. There are also several types of explosions, which are determined as followed:

– Electrical explosions. Electricians, who work at the power plants or other types of electrical facilities, must be incredibly careful. Such electrical accident explosions often happen because a high current electrical fault reacts with metal or insulation materials.
– Chemical explosions. This type of explosions is very common for various plants that work with different chemicals. Nitrogen, mercury, nitroglycerin, chlorine, forms of fluorine, forms of silver and other chemicals can be dangerous as well as highly explosive.
– Petroleum or propane explosions. Flammable gas often explodes in the pipelines or tanks, due to the leaks. Such explosions are very intense and powerful and often cause havoc within a large radius.
Furthermore, there are several categories of injuries that one may be suffering from due to an explosion:
– Primary injuries after an explosion may include blast lungs, abdominal perforation, middle ear damage, TM ruptures, globe eye rupture and so on.
– Secondary injuries after an explosion may include cuts, lacerations, blunt injuries, impalement, eye penetration, penetrating injuries and so on.
– Tertiary injuries after an explosion may include broken bones, bruises, sprains, traumatic amputations, open or closed brain injuries, fractures and so on.
– Quaternary injuries after an explosion may include angina, PTSD, hypertension, smoke inhalation, open or closed brain injuries, cancer from chemical exposure, hyperglycemia and so on.

Regardless of what kind of explosion injuries you or your loved ones may be suffering from, it is extremely important to get in touch with a qualified attorney, who will have enough skills and experience to determine who is to blame for the explosion and who will pay you the compensation that you deserve. A good lawyer will gather all the necessary evidence pointing at the people to blame and will present this evidence in the court of law.

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