Legal deadlines for filing a lawsuit

Legal deadlines for filing a lawsuit are important for everyone to know. Every person, who was injured in any kind of accident, has his legal right to file a lawsuit against the person, who is responsible for the injuries in the first place. However, it is very important to keep in mind that the so-called “statute of limitations” determines certain time limits to filing the legal claim. In most cases, the “statute of limitations” allows to file a legal lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident within two years after the accident actually took place.

There is a number of exceptions that are determined by the law. These exceptions may shorten or extend the time for filing a legal lawsuit. For instance, if an underage individual was injured during the accident, he or she can wait to turn 18 and then file the legal lawsuit him/herself. Other exceptions apply in case the accident was caused by a government representative. In case you or your loved ones want to file a lawsuit against the government’s officials, you will first need to file a notice provision. Some of the government representatives have incredibly short notice provisions, meaning that you or your loved ones will need to file the notice provision within mere months after the accident in order to move any further in this case.

Follow Your Guidelines

Certain legal guidelines can also affect the terms of filing a legal lawsuit. The so-called “statute of repose” may well affect the terms of filing the legal lawsuit for the products that are over 15 years old. In fact, this statute is a very unfair one. It works against the interests of the Texas citizens. Instead, it helps foreign companies from Korea, China and Japan. Numerous legal attorneys are currently fighting the statute in hopes of changing its terms and conditions in favor of the actual Texas citizens.

It is very important to have a qualified as well as experienced lawyer by your side when needing to file a lawsuit against the person, who is responsible in the accident. Only a good attorney will be able to review all the evidence properly and will help you file the lawsuit within the optimal period of time after the accident. That way, you will be certain that your lawsuit was filed in line with all the legal guidelines and regulations and it will deliver certain outcomes shortly.

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