Poorly Signed Danger Areas

In most cases, commercial property owners use special yellow signs that warn all visitors about slippery and wet areas of the floors. However, the signs are also used for yet another purpose – to avoid any negligence lawsuits that may be filed by the people, who slipped and fell.

The Legal Guidelines And Proper Regulations

In accordance with the legal guidelines, any commercial owner is obliged to keep the premises safe and secure from any kind of damaged, defected or risky conditions that may cause harm to the visitors. What this basically means is that the owner is obliged to keep the area completely safe for any residents or guests, who enter the premise.

This obligation also implies the usage of special floor signage. Failing to install these signs equals to a violation and is considered to be negligent.

In order to be considered negligent, the owner or his employees must have reasonable time to uncover the slippery surface. In case they did not have enough time to notice the wet and slippery surface, they simply cannot be deemed as negligent and so cannot be held responsible for any injuries suffered by yourself or perhaps your loved one. For instance, if the sprinkling system went on at 5:00 p.m. and you had the misfortune to walk nearby at 5:05 p.m., thus slipping, falling and injuring your knee or your back, the owner of the commercial property may be considered innocent, since there was not enough time to notice the wet floors. However, if one of the employees or the manager himself had notice the water during this short interval and failed to take any adequate actions, the owner will have to compensate your damages in their entirety.

If you or your loved ones were victims of a slip and floor accident and wish to file a legal lawsuit that would allow you to get the compensation you deserve, it is very important to get in touch with a qualified personal injuries lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

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