Failure To Fix Unsafe Conditions

Some common unsafe conditions on property may include cracks in cement, hidden holes, and defected handrails and so on. These may cause you to trip and fall, consequently injuring yourself.

If you were injured due to a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you will be obliged to prove that:

  • The owner of residential or commercial property was aware of the dangerous condition and all the risks that were related to it, but failed to fix it or fixed it in an improper manner or did not warn you or your loved ones about the problem.
  • The owner’s negligence and nothing else was the factor that cause your injury.

The following situations demonstrate that in case property’s owner knew about the poor condition of his premises and did not do anything about it or took action that made things worse, the individual, who was injured in a trip and fall accident, will have the right to demand proper compensation.

  • Being in an office building, you do not notice a crack in the floor, so you trip with your shoe and fall, badly injuring your knees.
  • After watching a movie in cinema, you walk down the stairs and suddenly lose balance. You try to grab the railing, but it is not properly attached to the wall, so you fall from the stairs and injure your back.
  • In an office building, you trip and fall due to a laid carpet that is not fastened well to the floor.

Nevertheless, it is also important to understand that if the owner of the residential or commercial property was not aware of the problem himself or could not have known about it, proving that he or she was negligent will be a very difficult task indeed.

How to act in case you were injured in a trip and fall accident:

  • Make sure you notify the owner of the property as soon as possible
  • Call a healthcare professional and document the case
  • Timing is crucial, so get in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney

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