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Life can change in an instant– don’t leave it up to the Texas courts to determine how your estate is to be distributed upon your death, who will care for your dependents, or who will be responsible for all that you valued. Put a legal Will in place to communicate your wishes regarding assets, defining guardians for your children or dependents, specifying beneficiaries or heirs, and bring closure to family and loved ones. Gomez Law Firm aids individuals and families in all matters involving Wills including identifying and drafting the best type of Will, Medical Directive and other necessary supporting documentation. Extensive Litigation and Jury Trial Experience – with over twenty years representing individuals and families in counties across Texas, more than seventy jury trials, and experience arguing before the Supreme Court of Texas, Wills Lawyer Jorge L. Gomez and his legal team will help you make your wishes known and put in place a legal Will that stands in Texas Probate court.

When is the best time to create my Will?

Don’t allow the Texas courts to make decisions about the things you valued in life.

All that you value in life has a place – it is advised to have a legal Will if you have minor children or dependents, have a large or complicated estate, live in a blended family or if you simply have specific directives in how your assets should be distributed or handled. How the Texas courts validates a Will, called Probate, depends on how it was drafted and who you assigned (and trusted) to execute the document. Know that the State of Texas recognizes three types of Wills, 1) a spoken nuncupative or a “death bed Will”, 2) a formal or attested Will which is not necessarily in the deceased’s handwriting, witnessed by two or more people, and 3) a holographic Will written by the deceased. Don’t allow others to speak on your behalf after death. The best option is to meet with a Texas Wills Lawyer that has the experience to help you determine what assets exist, how to protect them and to draft the best type of Will in accordance with your wishes and Texas law. Well Known and Trusted in the Legal Community – Jorge L. Gomez has been recognized as a Super Lawyer multiple times and a Rising Star by Texas Monthly. He and his legal team will meet with you in person to advise and guide you in making the right decisions.

Gomez Law Firm helps you protect all that you value.

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Unlike firms that delegate work to a paralegal, you will meet face-to-face with Wills Lawyer Jorge L. Gomez and the legal team who will be actively involved in your case. Free Initial Case Review, two convenient office locations and a qualified, bilingual legal team – don’t let anyone speak on your behalf even after death. Gomez Law Firm is committed to providing solid legal support to individuals and families seeking advice regarding planning for the future.