If you or your loved ones were injured through tripping, slipping, falling or being harmed in any other way due to uneven floor surface, you have a right to demand proper compensation for all your losses. Personal injury claim compensation may include:

  • Medical bills coverage
  • Hospital bills coverage
  • Treatment and therapy coverage
  • Medication coverage
  • Any other healing costs coverage
  • Any lost wages or income from the time you have suffered the accident and up to when you were well again
  • Any suffering or pain
  • Other types of coverage

Commercial and residential property owners alike are obliged to keep their property safe for any residents as well as visitors and guests. Uneven floor surface may be the cause of falling, slipping or tripping accidents, which could result into some genuinely severe injuries that will require surgery or long term treatment and proper therapy. In general, every single individual should be reasonably safe from any and all dangers of uneven floors and other residential or commercial property risks. In case you or your loved ones were injured due to uneven floor surface, it is important not to lose time and to get in touch with a qualified experienced attorney at the earliest opportunity.

Uneven Floor Surface Accidents

Any commercial establishment owner should keep his floors free of any risks that may cause an accident. Thus, the owner should keep the following in mind:

  • The floors must be properly constructed
  • Proper maintenance must not be ignored
  • Any kind of growth (roots, etc.) beneath the walkways, patios and sidewalk areas must be removed immediately
  • Cracked floors or pavement must be fixed as soon as possible

Accidents Caused By The Uneven Floor Surface

People who walk on the uneven floors could slip, fall or trip, which may lead to the following injuries:

  • Numerous fractured bones
  • Various brain injuries
  • Various spinal cord injuries
  • Various back injuries
  • Coma or concussion
  • Pelvic bone
  • Other types of injuries

Some truly extreme traumas may occur due to uneven floors. In case you have suffered an injury due to slip, fall or trip, it is important to demand proper compensation from the owners, since these were caused by their own negligence.

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