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If you have been injured in a maritime, offshore accident, overwhelmed with lost wages, medical bills and you and your loved ones are suffering emotional and physical pain, you need aggressive legal representation to protect your rights. Although maritime laws are setup to protect victims, the sad truth is that the insurance companies do what they can to avoid payment. Extensive Litigation and Jury Trial Experience – with over twenty years litigating thousands of cases in Texas, more than seventy jury trials, experience arguing before the Supreme Court of Texas, and Board Certified in Personal Injury Law, offshore injury lawyer Jorge L. Gomez and his legal team will advocate on your behalf to protect you and your loved ones from being taken advantage of by big companies and their insurance company representatives.

What types of maritime, offshore cases do you handle?

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The Texas coast and Gulf of Mexico are a maritime industry center made up of large and small companies that contribute a great deal to our economy. If you or a loved are involved in a maritime or offshore accident, don’t allow big companies to take advantage of you. Gomez Law Firm firmly advocates for maritime workers that are exposed to difficult and dangerous settings. Those include offshore workers, seamen, harbor employees, oil industry workers, and longshoremen. Contributing factors to offshore accidents include exhaustion, defective equipment, unsuitable working conditions, exposure to toxic substances and many other factors that can result in serious illness, cause injury or even death. In some cases, an illness may manifest itself years after an accident which leaves victims and their families with unknown burdens. Jorge L. Gomez also represents those who have been injured in cruise ship accidents, commercial ship accidents and shipyard accidents. Well Known and Trusted in the Legal Community – Jorge L. Gomez has been recognized as a Super Lawyer multiple times and a Rising Star by Texas Monthly. He and his legal team will meet with you in person to review your case, determine the best legal options and guide you in making the right decisions. You pay only if we are successful in getting a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Maritime law is complicated.

Gomez Law Firm knows which Maritime Laws will work in your favor.

The most important consideration in pursuing an offshore injury case is gathering and documenting facts, identifying false statements given by those liable and understanding the various maritime laws that can work in your favor. For example, under the Jones Act, seamen are in a good position to file a claim for compensation. This law is more favorable to maritime workers than most other laws are to other workers.

Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law – attorney Jorge L. Gomez is recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a distinction that less than 3% of attorneys in Texas have earned. He and his team know the complicated maritime legal system and will take into consideration all options putting your interests first so that you can focus on getting your life back on track while your case moves forward.

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Unlike firms that delegate work to a paralegal, you will meet face-to-face with maritime, offshore injury lawyer Jorge L. Gomez and the legal team who will be actively involved in your case. Free Initial Case Review – our goal is to build a strong case to advocate and win on your behalf to get you the maximum settlement possible. Gomez Law Firm stands strong in representing your rights against the company that wronged you. When you visit our office for advice, we consider every angle and will be honest in our assessment of your situation.

Two convenient office locations and a qualified, bilingual legal team – life changes drastically for victims of maritime, offshore injuries. Gomez Law Firm is committed to providing compassionate and solid legal support to you and your loved ones, working closely with investigators, doctors, scientific and forensic experts to develop a strong case on your behalf and get you the monetary compensation you deserve.