Electrical Accidents

Electrical Accident Lawyer

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According to the official statistical data, hundreds of people die after contacting electrical sources and thousands more get serious injuries and burns in the process on a year to year basis. When it comes to various construction sites, electrical injuries are a rather common thing. At times, workers are injured because of poor quality products, improperly installed tools as well as negligence of the employer or the third parties involved. Sure enough, a number of electrical injuries also occurs outside the construction.

In case you were injured after getting in contact with an electrical source, it is extremely important to get in touch with a qualified attorney, who would help you file a case against the person or the group of persons that are responsible for the injury in the first place. You should know that there are several types of possible electrical injury cases that an experienced and skillful lawyer will be able to deal with:

Construction accidents. These are very common and it is important to determine who is to blame for the injury.
– Defective wires. At times, the manufacturer himself is to blame for the accident, since his products do not comply with the quality standards.
– No warning. Lack of warning is also unacceptable. All the electrical sources should come with proper labeling or the workers should be warned in advance.
– Accidents on the power lines. On occasion, the accidents are produced due to some power line malfunctioning and it is necessary to find out what type of accident you are dealing with.
– Negligence of the contractor. The employers often disregard the basic safety precautions and people get hurt. Sure enough, a good attorney will be able to get the compensation from the contractor in court.

The lawyer will find ample evidence to determine the responsible party. There should be witnesses, who saw the accident happening. The construction site should be inspected by professional electricians and all the equipment that was involved in the accident should be properly examined by specialists. Furthermore, any medical records and insurance reports are also vital for the case in court.

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